The Samsung Galaxy S II: Pre-Orders Surpass 3 Million Units

Carriers have begun making pre-orders for the Galaxy S II, and they’re pretty impressive. More than 3 million pre-orders have been placed for Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone across the 120 countries and 140 carriers where it will be released. Its predecessor, the Galaxy S, sold 10 million units in 2010 and it looks like its … Continue reading

Gmail Expands Contact List Cap for the Uber Popular

There are a lot of people with a Gmail account, myself included, and while I’ve never been concerned about the contact limit I guess some people were. Until two days ago (May 4th) the cap for Gmail contacts was set at 10,000. I know, how dare they (#sarcasm). But, for those who needed more, Google … Continue reading

An Amazon Tablet is On the Way: Samsung Has Been Contracted for the Project

According to gdgt, is set to dive into the tablet wars, and they have Samsung hardware for support. This is beautiful. is one of my favorite companies to purchase things from. I would say that of everything I buy, food aside, 90% comes from I’m a student and because of that I … Continue reading

Apple Sues Samsung over Galaxy Phones and Galaxy Tab: is Jealous…

Last Friday Apple Inc. filed suit against Samsung Electronics, Samsung America, and Samsung Telecommunications America. The suit asserts their belief that Samsung copied their iPhone and iPad with its line of Galaxy devices. They are seeking a permanent injunction on Galaxy devices, punitive damages, and actual damages (lost profits, etc.). Here are some excerpts from … Continue reading

Amazon Cloud Player: “Oh yeah baby” – Chef

I just visited for the sole purpose of purchasing Dumb & Dumber on Blu-Ray (because it’s hilarious) and was greeted with a rather lengthy message from Jeff Bezos (CEO/Founder of These messages usually have to do with some new feature or product offering, and this was no exception. ┬áThis is that letter: Now, … Continue reading

Record Companies Value Limewire Punitive Damages Higher than the GDP…of Planet Earth! Judge says “absurd”!

You’re probably aware of the fact that Limewire, the free peer-to-peer file sharing program, was shut down due to a court order in October. Thirteen record companies have filed suit against Limewire for copyright infringement. They are: Arista, Atlantic, BMG Music, Capital, Elektra, Interscope, Laface, Motown, Priority, Sony BMG, UMG, Virgin and Warner Brothers, and … Continue reading

The World’s Most Valuable Brands: Tech Leads the Charge

The above image shows the top 11 brands based on value according to Brand Finance–“the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy.” You can find the complete list with all 500 brands here. It comes as no surprise to see Google topping the list or that Microsoft is right behind, but what is surprising is the somewhat … Continue reading

Taxes for If Walmart and Target Get Their Way…

If you’re like me, you are very familiar with If you’re like me, you shop there over most any other place because of their low prices, fast shipping, and lack of a state sales tax(most states–more on this later). When you’re spending more than $1,000 there is very little reason to not shop at … Continue reading

Samsung 9 Series Notebook Sets its Sights on the Macbook Air

So, a brand other than Pansonic has arrived to deliver a product that can compete with the MacBook Air. Panasonic has long been involved in the lightweight PC market, but has never been able (nor really tried) to come close to the price point of the MacBook Air. The Panasonics can deliver i7 processors, weigh … Continue reading

iPad 2 (Really just an iPad 1.5) vs. Moto Xoom vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The Apple press event is taking place right now in San Francisco. So far we’ve learned that the iPad 2 is 33% thinner than the original iPad. That is thinner than the iPhone 4! It looks really good and comes with a front and rear facing camera. It also packs the new A5 chip which … Continue reading