Gmail Expands Contact List Cap for the Uber Popular

There are a lot of people with a Gmail account, myself included, and while I’ve never been concerned about the contact limit I guess some people were. Until two days ago (May 4th) the cap for Gmail contacts was set at 10,000. I know, how dare they (#sarcasm). But, for those who needed more, Google has just come through. In fact, they have more than doubled the cap, raising it to 25,000 contacts–that. is. a. town. News of this made me feel ashamed to only have around 200 Gmail contacts.

So who is elated to learn of this? Well, I’ve got some pics below of those that come to mind. Let’s just say people know them, oh, and they’re kind of a big deal…

But Google didn’t stop at just expanding the contact list, they also expanded the amount of space one contact could take up. The limit has been raised from 32KB to 128KB. It enables you to keep more info in the “notes” section for each contact. When you combine the increase in contact storage with the increased contact list, you get a tenfold increase in Google cloud storage (32KB x 10000 = .3GB; 128KB x 25000 = 3GB). The only people I think this change affects are business users with extensive, and I mean Ex-ten-sive, networks. I would think for the vast majority of us, it doesn’t really matter, but it makes for an interesting bit of info. Now you can say you know the maximum number of contacts one Gmail user can have…if you ever wanted to.

2 Responses to “Gmail Expands Contact List Cap for the Uber Popular”
  1. Chastity Golom says:

    Thanks for legitimately using proper grammar. Almost all sites were absolute gibberish. Astounding website & writing skills. You my friend have talent! I just StumbledUpon this. Not bad. I’ll give it a thumbs up.

  2. Lea Williams says:

    I think the real important of this update is its just another example of how integrated google and gmail have become with everyones lives. I remember when people used to have aol. yahoo, and hotmail email accounts and people would talk about the merits of one over the other. Now the only people I encounter with email addresses from any of these carriers are almost always over the age of 40.
    Mainly this seems like a good update for small business or entrepreneurs. Having more capacity will allow them to keep more of their business centralized on one carrier and email account. I help run a student organization and our gmail account is the center of everything we do. Networking is key in our sport and any person we ever meet goes strait into the contract list. While I don’t think we’ll ever reach the popularity of Derick Zoolander its nice to know we wont run out of room any time soon.

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