The Samsung Galaxy S II: Pre-Orders Surpass 3 Million Units

Carriers have begun making pre-orders for the Galaxy S II, and they’re pretty impressive. More than 3 million pre-orders have been placed for Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone across the 120 countries and 140 carriers where it will be released. Its predecessor, the Galaxy S, sold 10 million units in 2010 and it looks like its replacement is set to break that mark. This will be the Android phone of the year, and likely the smartphone of the year. Phone reviewers have already received their test units, and they are very impressed. Even Engadget gave the phone a 9/10, a rating usually reserved for Apple devices (because Engadget is somewhat biased).

The Galaxy S II packs a 1.2GHz dual-core Exynos processor, Samsung’s TouchWiz 4.0, a brilliant 4.27″ Super AMOLED Plus display, an 8MP camera (1080p recording), and Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3). It does all this while remaining a very trim 8.49mm thick. It’s even supposed to have above-average battery life, something rarely found in the newest smartphones.

This is the phone I’ve been waiting for since before they upgraded it from a 1Ghz NVIDIA Tegra 2 to the 1.2GHz Samsung Exynos.That Exynos benchmarks the Galaxy S II as one of the fastest, if not the fastest, smartphone(s) to date. According to Quandrant (a performance benchmark app) the Galaxy S II is more than three times as fast as the Galaxy S. It even manages to more than double the speed of the Google Nexus One, a phone well-known for performance.

It is believed that the Galaxy S II will be coming to all four main U.S. carriers, and that it will be equipped with 4G. I don’t think Samsung would give their golden egg all that processing power but neglect a 4G antenna. When you combine all of the specs of the Galaxy S II you are left with a phone that stands above the rest–no current phone comes close. Even the recently released LG G2X, DROID Charge, and HTC Thunderbolt won’t be able to catch the Galaxy S II.

TouchWiz 4.0 has received pretty good reviews, and should be a nice addition to the vanilla Android Gingerbread. This new Samsung overlay will also be on the Galaxy Tab 2s (8.9 and 10.1), adding similarities between the two devices. Overlays are largely personal preference, be it HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz, or Motorola’s Motoblur they don’t weigh very heavily on my decision to purchase a phone as I know adapting to each will require little effort. Nevertheless, TouchWiz 4.0 looks promising based on the review videos on YouTube.

Looking at everything Samsung has brought to the table with their new Galaxy S II it will be interesting to see how Apple responds with their iPhone 5 come this September (if rumors are correct). Apparently the iPhone will be only a mild refresher of the current iPhone much like the iPhone 3G to the 3Gs or the iPad to the iPad 2. I expect they’ll add the A5 dual-core chip and there is talk of them lessening the bevel to the right and left of the screen. Regardless, the iPhone 5 probably won’t be able to match the Galaxy S II for speed given the 20% higher GHz. I think what will be the determining factor for most people, UIs aside, is whether they prefer the 4.27″ display of the Galaxy S II or the smaller (and arguably easier to manage) display of the iPhone. What is disappointing, when it comes to Apple products, is that legitimate competitors are less of an issue because just about anything with an “i” before its name will sell like wildfire. That being said, I think the Galaxy S II may have what it takes to get people to seriously look before just grabbing the newest iDevice.

Below I’ve included some videos of Samsung pushing the speed and display of the Galaxy S II. They joke around with the fantastic realism of the display, but based on reviews, the joke might not be too far-fetched. As it stands now, the release date for the Galaxy S II is believed to be either May or June, and I can’t wait!

Source: BGR


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