Android #1 Smartphone Platform Worldwide: Right Before the Verizon iPhone Launch

Smartphones in 2010: Since 2009 the smartphone market has grown 89%. It was announced today that Google’s OS Android was  the number one selling smartphone platform of  the year. As you can see (below), Google OS not only surpassed Apple (iOS) and RIM (Blackberry), but also cell phone giant Nokia (Symbian). The sales of Google … Continue reading

VW XL1: Extreme MPG Hybrid

Past Volkswagen has been working on a usable hybrid with an mpg of at least 235 for more than 8 years since the first unveiling of a prototype with a 1.0 liter diesel engine. Now in 2011 they have the car to satisfy that goal. The Volkswagen XL1 has extreme fuel economy, with estimates ranging … Continue reading

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

The new prequel mini-series aired Friday and it was phenomenal! I watched the first series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and became an instant fan. STARZ really hit a home run with this series and it is sad that the man who helped them get there (Andy Whitfield) won’t be able to continue on with the … Continue reading

COD Black Ops First Strike

Finally we get a reprieve from the same old multi-player maps that were fun for a while, but lacked the diversity found on MW2 and some of the other games. All the present Ops maps have their little differences, but they are almost exclusively close to medium quarters fighting. Rarely will you find people sniping because … Continue reading