“Another Earth” (2011) Trailer: Plot Fail

Another Earth recently released its movie trailer after doing well at the Sundance Film Festival. From the title of the film, you can gather it has to do with another planet earth and the implications which ensue. That being said, the Facebook page for Another Earth outlines the story as: Rhoda Williams, a bright young woman accepted into MIT’s … Continue reading

HBO’s Game of Thrones: A Regal Television Experience

If you’ve seen an HBO series, you know they tend to do shows right. They don’t hold back.  Their shows are believable and real. After watching the first two episodes of Game of Thrones, I can see that they have kept that reputation alive–Game of Thrones is a fantastic show. If you’ve never heard of … Continue reading

The SUV With Good Ole’ American Muscle is Back: The 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

I can’t speak for you, but almost all of my favorite vehicles from the Chrysler Group (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Fiat) have the same badge: SRT. If you didn’t know, SRT stands for “Street & Racing Technology”. It is a common misconception that the acronym stands for “Street Racing Technology”, but Chrysler was sure to … Continue reading

Hackers Keep PlayStation Network Offline for 3 Days…and Counting [updated]

The PlayStation Network (PSN) went down April 20th and Sony reported that night that the network would be down for a “full day or two”. It should go without saying that PS3 owners everywhere were displeased. Luckily for me, and real gamers (I had to say it), XBOX Live has no problems. After three full … Continue reading

terri (2011): First Trailer and First Impressions

Three days ago the first trailer for terri was released, and it is pretty interesting. The film stars John C. Reilly (Step Brothers), Jacob Wysocki (Huge), and Creed Barton (The Office). The tagline is: “life’s a mess–we’re all just doing the best we can.” The general synopsis of the movie, according to Rotten Tomatoes, is this: … Continue reading

An Amazon Tablet is On the Way: Samsung Has Been Contracted for the Project

According to gdgt, Amazon.com is set to dive into the tablet wars, and they have Samsung hardware for support. This is beautiful. Amazon.com is one of my favorite companies to purchase things from. I would say that of everything I buy, food aside, 90% comes from Amazon.com. I’m a student and because of that I … Continue reading

Apple Sues Samsung over Galaxy Phones and Galaxy Tab: Amazon.com is Jealous…

Last Friday Apple Inc. filed suit against Samsung Electronics, Samsung America, and Samsung Telecommunications America. The suit asserts their belief that Samsung copied their iPhone and iPad with its line of Galaxy devices. They are seeking a permanent injunction on Galaxy devices, punitive damages, and actual damages (lost profits, etc.). Here are some excerpts from … Continue reading

Oh the sequels, they are a comin’…Star Trek 2, Bond 23, Men in Black 3, The Dark Knight Rises and oh so many more in 2012

When I see a movie I like, I always give a sequel a chance. I rarely care how good it looks, I’m just willing to see what they build on and where the story goes. The sequel to a sequel is different. If the movie that came before it was not impressive, the name alone … Continue reading

Anonymous: The Shakespeare Conspiracy Thriller

I like a good conspiracy, and I’m sure everyone has heard a time or two that Shakespeare didn’t actually write all of the work accredited him. Now we get a conspiracy thriller going deeper into the subject. Who wrote the plays of William Shakespeare–Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford–and why would they not take the … Continue reading

First Trailer of Warrior (2011)

Another fight movie is set to release, and America will be pleased. Because of our history, we–Americans–love the fight; we love watching someone beat the odds and do what others say is impossible. We love fight movies: Rocky, The Fighter, Cinderella Man, Million Dollar Baby, Raging Bull, The Hurricane, The Set-Up, and The Quiet Man–all great … Continue reading