World’s Most Expensive Hybrid: The 2013 Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar has been on a roll lately with their new car designs. The new XJ, XF, and XK are more aggressive but retain the elegance that Jaguar is known for. Their C-X75 is no exception. Originally, it was a concept that people thought would never see production. It turns out they were wrong, as it … Continue reading

2013 BMW i8: 0-62mph in 4.8s AND 62.6mpg Average Fuel Economy

If you’re into cars the i8 should look very familiar. It is based on¬†the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics¬†concept car. While the production version makes a few changes to the body and presumably the interior, the same lines are clearly there. You also may be wondering about its name. BMW i8. This car will come from the … Continue reading

Ram Plug-In Hybrid Debuts at Washington Auto Show

IMO the Ram 1500 is the best looking 1/2 ton truck on the market. Nothing really comes close. Almost a year ago in March 2010, Chrysler announced that they would be releasing a plug-in hybrid version of their Ram 1500 and debut it at the 2011 DC Auto Show. The show is upon us and … Continue reading

VW XL1: Extreme MPG Hybrid

Past Volkswagen has been working on a usable hybrid with an mpg of at least 235 for more than 8 years since the first unveiling of a prototype with a 1.0 liter diesel engine. Now in 2011 they have the car to satisfy that goal. The Volkswagen XL1 has extreme fuel economy, with estimates ranging … Continue reading