Funny or Die on the PSN Outage

The PlayStation Network first went down April 20th–19 days ago–and it’s still not back up. In a previous post, I talked about the outage and who may have been responsible. No one would’ve guessed that it would still be down almost 20 days later. Sony was the victim of a cyber attack which exploited some weakness in their system to the point that Sony decided to rebuild the entire thing rather than risk another attack. Sony has reported that all basic customer info (i.e., name, address, etc.) has been compromised.  Sony is still uncertain if the attackers were able to gain the credit card info of their users. Nevertheless, they have taken the precaution of issuing free identity theft services to all of their U.S. PlayStation users.

Recently there have been reports that Sony may offer a bounty to weed out those responsible for the attack so that they can be prosecuted. It is still up in the air whether or not Sony will take this path, but it does seem like a legitimate possibility. Should Sony decide to post the bounty they would be working with the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies to see the capture through. Right now Sony believes that the hacker group known as “Anonymous” is responsible. They took responsibility for an early attack on the PSN which put it down for a short time, but deny any involvement in the most recent attack which has put the PSN out of commission for such an extended time.

Aside from Sony, game developers for the PS3 like Capcom are also feeling the hurt. On the PSN outage Capcom said it is “costing us hundreds of thousands, if not millions.” With losses like that from multiple game developers, on top of what Sony is losing, I would be very surprised if a serious effort was not made to find those responsible for the attack.

The latest estimates still have the PlayStation Network down for a couple more weeks with it being restored sometime around the end of May/beginning of June.

Many PlayStation gamers don’t know what to do with themselves now that they are unable to access online game play, much to the amusement of XBOX 360 owners. At first PS3 gamers were upset and wanted info immediately, but after a couple of weeks their ferocity has lessened and they’ve quieted down. “Funny or Die” has done a short skit showing just how affected these gamers have been.

Enjoy that short skit below which comes in the format of a PSA from the NNRF (National Nerd Relief Fund)…you should be entertained.


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