Audi Trimaran and Bugatti Sang Bleu Speedboat: Two Awesome Aquatic Concepts

Audi Trimaran

When you think of Audi and Bugatti I’d be surprised if boats came to mind. Recent concepts for both companies might change that in the future. At this point they’re each more of a design exercise, but given how amazing they look I would love to see them on the water. The first concept boat is the Audi Trimaran, designed by Stefanie Behringer working with an Audi design team. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “trimaran” it’s the expansion of the catamaran, only it has three hulls instead of two. The result is a more stable vessel without the drag associated with a single-hull vessel of the same width. The design puts the vessel at 50 feet long with a 21 foot wide central hull. Granted this is all in theory, but what makes this design so cool, aside from its aesthetics, are the two jet skis built into the main vessel.

Each outrigger hull would house a 100 hp fully electric jet ski which could be removed and used to joy ride. The skis could also be used to maneuver the vessel at low speeds and to power it up to 8 knots (9 mph). Under full power, the yacht is believed to have a top speed of around 40 knots (46 mph). The main power comes from two V12 turbo diesels producing 500 hp each. Combine that with the 200 hp from both jet skis and the Audi Trimaran would have 1200 hp at its disposal. That’s a 1200 hp hybrid yacht (granted the electric portion has very limited use). If the Audi Trimaran ever sees production, I would hope they would beef it up even further so that the yacht is capable of speeds approaching 52 knots (60 mph) but given its size, that might mean considerably larger engines.

The deck of the yacht is designed to comfortably support up to twelve people, and there is additional room below deck. In fact, the Audi Trimaran would feature four berths (bedrooms) and I’m sure they would be willing to outfit the living space in whichever way an owner would like. Given the likely exorbitant cost this vessel would demand, I would hope customization would be made extremely easy.

Bugatti Sang Bleu Speedboat

The Bugatti Sang Bleu Speedboat concept comes from Ben Walsh. There’s not much info on the specifics of this design concept, other than the boat’s length of 30 ft. If you look to the slideshow below, you will see that from behind the speedboat concept looks very much like a Veyron, whereas from the pictures above it may remind you of something from Star Wars. Regardless of what it reminds you of, it’s clearly a good-looking boat that most anyone would be proud to call their own. Based on the images, it appears this design favors a single engine, but given the engine would likely be a marinized version of the Veyron’s (1,000+ hp) it should be more than enough to send this boat howling across the water. It’s crazy to think how much this boat would cost if it were to actually go into production. The cheapest Bugatti (that’s  a massive oxymoron) is around $1,400,000. That’s more expensive than most houses, let alone boats. I imagine a boat from that iconic brand name would have to work overtime to stay out of the double-digit millions.

So, both Bugatti and Audi have some pretty awesome designs, though if I had to pick one it would be the Audi Trimaran without even thinking. I love that it has the combined jet skis and its overall size; plus, it simply looks phenomenal. Check out the slideshow below for more pictures (CGI and scale models) of both designs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Source: Autoblog, Luxury Launches

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  1. Dave says:

    Wow!! AMAZING boat designs…. Beautiful!!

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