“Colombiana” (2011): It’s “Hanna” All Grown Up

Colombiana‘s trailer just premiered today, and it’s anything but shabby.  Not only does it come from the writers of Taken (which basically requires me to see this movie), it is also from the director of Transporter 3. That’s not a bad combination, but before I put forth my thoughts you need to watch the trailer if you’ve yet to do so.

Here it is:

So, the basic premise as I see it is this: Cataleyla (Zoe Saldana) saw her parents murdered when she was nine years old and over the next fifteen years has become a talented assassin. She finds love while at the same time she learns the location of her parents’ killers. They know she’s found them and set about trying to kill her before she can kill them.

That’s all fine and good, but what’s really interesting is that the trailer makes it clear Cataleyla has been trained to kill since she was just ten years old. Training a young girl to kill…Sounds sort of familiar doesn’t it? Well it should, since that was the basic plot of the recently released Hanna. Colombiano almost seems like a continuation of Hanna. If you’ve not seen that movie (solid acting, poor movie), it ends with the death of Hanna’s father. Hanna manages to kill the woman directly responsible, and then presumably goes on to live her life. Colombiano is similar in that both have very young girls trained to kill and both girls have parents who have been murdered. Hanna ends where Colombiana begins.

But this movie reminds me of a few productions aside from Hanna. Looking at the pic above, how could one not think of The Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum at least a little? I’m also heavily reminded of hulu’s original TV show The Confession. If you’ve not seen it, you need to. Here’s a link. It’s a short show–episodes are only around five minutes long–and it has Kiefer Sutherland playing an assassin who saw his mother killed at a young age. Seems to be some kind of theme doesn’t it? Like I said though, it is centered on an assassin who saw a parent murdered (I would explain, but I might ruin it) before his eyes, just like Cataleyla in Colombiana.

So, who other than Zoe Saldana–whom I hope you recognize from Avatar and Star Trekis in Colombiano? From the trailer, I recognized three others of note. Cliff Curtis (whom I know from Trauma) plays Emilio, who seems to be the one responsible for Cataleyna’s deadly training. I also recognized the guy who plays Cataleyna’s love interest, but couldn’t place him. As it turns out (thanks to IMDb) I recognized him (Michael Vartan) from Never Been Kissed, though many likely know him from Alias. The last actor I recognized is one many recognize by face, but can’t pair with a name. That man is Lennie James, and he plays a Secret Agent who is trying to arrest Cataleyna. If you’ve seen The Walking Dead, Human Target, Hung, or Jericho (I hate that it was canceled) you should be familiar with the guy.

All in all, I think Colombiano should be a pretty cool movie. Judging from the amount of weapons, explosions, and lingerie this movie shouldn’t have much trouble keeping my attention. It’s set to release September 2nd, and I think it’s worth a shot. I look forward to the next trailer to get a better idea of what the movie will be about.


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