2011 LR4 Ads: Land Rover Makes Some “Funnies”

2011 LR4

I’m a fan of Land Rover. They make quality vehicles that look good tame but can be wild off-road. Most people show their Range Rover lineup a lot more love than the more reasonable LR(insert # here), but the LR4 really does deserve some props. It’s the roomiest Land Rover, and IMO, an all-around good-looking SUV. The white LR4 pictured above and below is a personal favorite of mine.

Land Rover ads, regardless of the model, tend to be about the vehicle’s technology, off-road ability, or incredible luxury. “Land Rover. Go Beyond.” That is what Land Rover is all about, doing the extraordinary. Land Rover want its customers to be able to go beyond the everyday, and they’ve been diligent about advertising that owners can do just that. What they don’t usually advertise, though it’s certainly there, are the safety aspects inherent in all of their vehicles. They likely think such features and abilities are implied, and if you’ve ever ridden in a Land Rover, on a sunny day or in three feet of snow, you’re likely inclined to agree with them. You know just how safe you feel when you’re in one. Nevertheless, Land Rover has taken it upon themselves to make sure people know just how safe people feel when they’re in a LR4. That is what this newest ad campaign is all about.

2011 LR4

While these ads may not be laugh-out-loud funny, they’re certainly entertaining. I’ve left the most entertaining video for last, to give you a chance to warm up to the basic premise. They all involve someone telling another person or persons something they don’t want to hear and doing it from the safest place they know–their Land Rover LR4.


One Response to “2011 LR4 Ads: Land Rover Makes Some “Funnies””
  1. Dave says:

    Hilarious!!! They get funnier with each successive one!

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